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We will meet with you within 24 hours to discuss your water damaged hardwood floor repair, wood floor refinishing or hardwood floor installation needs. Call us @ 405-642-4776

New Installations

We use new 3/4" nail-in refinishable wood and install in any room. Types of wood can be anywhere from Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Hickory, Maple or Bamboo. There are hundreds of different applications for the various types of construction. Traditionally, the hardwood floors are nailed into a 3/4" plywood that is attached to either your concrete slab or conventional foundation. A conventional foundation is typically found in older or historic homes that have a crawlspace. In these applications, the 3/4" plywood subfloor is nailed directly to the existing wood foundation. New wood floor install.


This process is where the wood floor is sanded in several different steps and methodically prepared for a finish coat of stain and polyurethane. Equipment used during this process is a Drum sander, Buffer, Edger and several types of hand sanders and hand tools. This is the traditional method of refinishing an existing or new hardwood floor. Its our experience anything other then a full sand and refinish never meets expectaions of customers. wood floor refinishing.

Water Damage & Stain Repair

Water damage is where the wood has been exposed to moisture to a point that is begins to curl, cup, and discolor. It creates an uneven surface that becomes unsightly, and can lead to a tripping hazard. Another concern if water is not properly removed and dehumidified, is that it can potentially become a heath hazard with mold that you can't see unless the wood floor is torn completely out and replaced. damaged wood floor.

Hand Scraping & Distressing

Handscraping is usually part of the refinishing process. Handscraping is a process where sharp hand tools scrape and create a recessed area in the wood creating a distinct texture. Once finished the wood floor looks as though it has been there for many years with a truly rustic appearance. hardwood floor refinishing.

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Our Work

  • New Installations
  • Refinishing
  • Wood Floor Species
  • 3″ Walnut refinish, Oilbase satin finish.

    White Oak repairs and refinish

    Floor furnace fill in, 2-1/4″ red oak

    2-1/4″ red oak refinish, “max” the dog.

    Prefinished floor install

    Refinished 2-1/4″ red oak, Natural with oilbased satin finish.

    Refinished 3″ red oak, Sedona red stain with satin finish.

    5″ Hickory install and refinish, Antique stain with satin oilbased finish.

    5″ handscraped gluedown engineered floor.

    2-1/4 red oak refinish, natural with satin oilbased finish.

    3″ white oak refinish, natural with gloss finish

    Custom oak/walnut and hickory inlay. Stain is antique, Oilbase satin finish.

    Hickory natural

    Walnut natural

    Maple natural

    White Oak natural

    Brazilian Cherry natural

    Brazilian Walnut natural

    Red Oak natural

    Yellow Pine Natural



    "We were given a timeline and a budget and he kept to it. The floors are so beautiful that we were tempted to not move the furniture back in. Great job."

    "Rick Winblaud"

    "Timeless Hardwood Floors refinished the wood flooring in our home. They were prompt, professional, and friendly. Their work is excellent, our floor looks beautiful. I would highly recommend them!!"

    "Kori Howard"


    "Brent and his crew did and amazing and swift job! I had carpet removed and hardwood floors put in on a second story. He was easy to get ahold of, professional and above all - I LOVE MY FLOORS!!! His pricing was very competitive he did it in a day and a half."

    "Valerie Sebestyen"

    "We are do-it-ourselfers. We are redoing our old hardwood floors and putting some in new. We had lots of questions that we could not get helpful answers to or people that it felt like they new what they were talking about. I call lots of places talked to lots of people and finally came across Timeless Hardwood Floors. This guy knew right off the bat that we would not be hiring him I just needed help and instruction. He was very polite and very helpful. I was so impressed with his knowledge and his willingness to help someone that would make him no money. Even told me if I had more questions to call back! I would absolutely recommend Timeless Hardwood Floors to anyone, be it to do the job or with questions for do-it-yourselfers!!!"

    "Amy Jo Miller"


    "Brent- Thank you for all your hard work on my floors. They are beautiful and you were so great to work with. Blesssings "

    "Kathy Moser"

    "After having water damage on my wood floor, couldnt find any floor business that wanted to deal with one room. Until I called Brent at Timeless. He showed up promptly and got it repaired. It matches perfectly. He's a pro that will exceed your expectations. Highly recommend Timeless."

    "Darren and Gaylynn Tepe"


    Our Team


    Lara McKay

    COO - CFO


    Nook & Homey

    Stress Ambassadors


    Brent McKay

    Installer - Refinisher - Sales

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best way to clean my floors?

    The best way to maintain your floor is to dust mop and/or vacuum the floors regularly. Hardwood floors also clean easily with a terry cloth or similar type dry mop. You should always avoid excessive moisture while maintaining your wood floors.

    How does moisture affect my hardwood flooring?

    Excessive moisture can lead to numerous changes to your floor such as cupping, buckling or cracking. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not use excessive water to clean your floors. Cupping and crowning are caused when water is trapped between the wood floor and the subfloor. When excessive moisture occurs, it is essential that water is removed immediately and fans and dehumidifiers are placed.

    How can I better protect my floor?

    A regular cleaning routine is mandatory, including the use of throw rugs in high traffic areas and felt floor protectors under furniture legs is also a really good idea.

    Should I install unfinished or prefinished hardwood?

    Both hardwood floors have their advantages. If you are trying to match an existing hardwood floor, you may want to go with an unfinished floor so it can be stained to match. Unfinished floors allow the floor to be repaired if gouged or damaged. Prefinished floors, on the other hand are already finished with 7-10 coats of an aluminum oxide finish. This means not having to close off the room while you refinish the floor. RepIacing planks in the prefinished floor is only option if prefinished floor is damaged given homeowner saved a box of flooring and or the floor is still available.

    How do I keep my hardwood floors from getting scratched?

    Reality is that if you don't take off your shoes every time you walk in from outdoors the dust and dirt particles will eventually scratch or create a haze in high traffic areas. Dogs are a whole other issue. Dogs have nails and will scratch floors, even the most durable and expensive finishes can't withstand dogs nail traffic. Best thing for dogs is a regular maintenance trip to the local groomer to trim their nails.

    How do I know if my wood floor is damaged?

    All wood floors are different, but generally you will notice an area starting to buckle or cup severely. It is best to call a professional to access the damage and give a honest bid to repair wood floor. wood floor repair oklahoma


    When choosing a wood floor company keep in mind there are big box stores and independent contractors. Don't ever be afraid to ask for insurance certificates, if the company your interviewing is registered with the state of Oklahoma and if they will provide references. If they baulk at any one of these 3 walk away. Our reputation in the wood floor industry is important and we take our business very serious.

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